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    Get the best Monsoon Clothes From TT Bazaar

    Monsoon undoubtedly brings with them pleasant vibes, a beautiful aura, and special euphoria. But with all goody-goody things, you will also find a ton of rain plus high humidity, and the combination of the two is definitely not ideal. Another name for the monsoon that fashionistas and designers all over the world always coin is fashion faux pas as this season surely can be your arch-rival. You can neither do a lot of bling-bling nor you look like a gloomy ghost. Monsoon comes with its fashion codes and rules and these must be followed if you genuinely care about your fashion sense.

    So, do you want to enjoy monsoon showers without compromising your fashion game? Gear up as we bring a fool-proof style guide on how to look your best in the rainy season.

    5 Styling Tips To Look Your Best In Monsoon

    Here’re mentioned the 5 styling tips to follow to look fab on a rainy day-

    1. Choose the right fabric

    Getting drenched in a sudden downpour during monsoon is pretty common; therefore, it is suggested to choose the appropriate fabric. Always for chiffon, cotton, and polyester fabric as they are not just comfortable and light but get dried too easily, making them the monsoon must-haves.
    Silk and other such heavy fabrics should be avoided as they take quite a long to dry and tend to get spoilt due to moisture.

    2. Pick shorts over trousers

    It’s no denying that shorts are an all-around better option for monsoon as compared to trousers, jeans, or other full-length pants. They are great for two reasons, firstly, they don’t drag on the ground and will not get soaked in water and secondly shorts are much less heavy than trousers, making you feel better in the humid temperatures.

    3. Opt for jazzy pop of color

    Monsoon blues are real, hence, bright and jazzy hues are mandatory to beat the dull and grey weather. If you want to make a style statement this monsoon, then don’t hesitate to pick shades like orange, canary yellow, and fuchsia pink. They not just add a pop of color to your outfit but makes you look eye-catching and appealing.

    4. Select the appropriate footwear

    A wrong choice of footwear can make things worse during monsoon; hence, always pick the most appropriate footwear to avoid any mess while commuting. Do not wear shoes that are made of suede, velvet, and leather as they can get damaged when they come in contact with water. Instead, go for rubber flip-flops, jelly shoes, and crocs. These are non-slipper and look ultra-stylish.

    5. Go for Floral prints

    The best way to enliven your mood and attitude is to pick clothes in a floral print. These look timeless and can be worn over and over again without being overdone. You can floral print on several dresses, like skirts, shirts, tops, and beyond. If floral clothing is not your style, then you can also opt for florals on key accessories like phone cases, scarfs, tote bags, and more.

    4 Easy-Going Monsoon Outfits To Buy From TT Bazaar

    Now that you are aware of the monsoon styling tips, let’s move on to the 4 best outfits that will definitely keep your fashion game high. Lift your wardrobe for the monsoon with these outfits from TT Bazaar and invoke your inner fashionista.

    TT Bazaar Women 100% Cotton Multipurpose Shorts

    Made up of 100% cotton, these shorts from TT Bazaar are a staple for every girl’s closet. They are ideal for cycling, gym, running, dance and sports. These cotton shorts are extremely lightweight and offer maximum comfort and confidence. Pair them with a plain camisole or tank top and accentuate your fashion game in no time. It is available in three different colors, including Red, Maroon, and Black. Pick your desired shade and let your legs breathe in style.

    TT Women Desire Cotton Spandex Tanktop Pink

    Tanktops are monsoon must-haves as they keep you comfortable in the humid weather while amping up your fashion game. Add this Women Desire Cotton Spandex Tank Top to your wardrobe and make a signature style statement even on a rainy day. It is crafted with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so you can wear it all day long without any hassle. This is completely label-free and ideal for wearing as loungewear, leisurewear, and activewear.

    TT Women Solid Cotton Capri

    If shorts are not your style or if don’t feel comfortable wearing them outside, then fret not and buy this cotton Capri from TT Bazaar to keep the monsoon hassle at bay. This skin-friendly outfit keeps you cool throughout the day. Additionally, it comes with an elastic waistband so it can tuck in one place and makes you feel comfortable.

    TT Women Slim Fit Round Neck Printed T-Shirt

    Brighter shades look amazing during the rainy season as they keep the dullness of the weather at the bay. Buy this beautiful green t-shirt from TT Bazaar and enjoy a smooth and satisfying experience. It is made of breathable knitted fabric that improves your mobility while feeling like a second skin.

    Summing Up

    TT Bazaar has brought to you an amazing collection of monsoon clothes. So, what are you waiting for? Browse their products right away and revamp your closet to welcome the monsoon with open arms.